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TIDE User Roles /core/fileparse.php/2072/urlt/New-Mexico-User-Roles-for-Spring-2019.pdf
Updated January 03, 2019
This document provides a brief overview of the levels of access that will be given to users of New Mexico’s TIDE.
Pre-ID File Layout /core/fileparse.php/2072/urlt/NMAPA-Spring-2018-Pre-ID-Layout.pdf
Updated January 22, 2018
Schools or districts must use this data layout to prepare and submit their student Pre-ID information. An editable Excel or CSV template is available for download from TIDE.
Scheduling a UPS Pickup /core/fileparse.php/2072/urlt/Procedural-Steps-to-Scheduling-a-UPS-Pickup_Spring-2019.pdf
Updated January 03, 2019
This sheet contains information for DTCs regarding the scheduling of mandatory UPS pickup for testing materials for Spring 2019.
STC Supplemental Instructions /core/fileparse.php/2072/urlt/STC-Hot-Sheet-Spring-2019.pdf
Updated January 03, 2019
This flyer for School Test Coordinators (STCs) about receiving test materials from the DTC, verifying their contents, and cataloguing any missing items.
DTC Hot Sheet /core/fileparse.php/2072/urlt/DTC-Hot-Sheet_Spring-2019.pdf
Updated January 03, 2019
This flyer outlines important information for District Test Coordinators (DTCs) about receiving and distributing materials, billing, important dates, and returning materials.