• Online Reporting System (ORS) Opening Thursday, December 7
    The NMAPA is now offering online access to score reports and score data for Spring and Fall 2017 testing data. All district- and school-level users will be able to view their students' printed score reports through the NMAPA portal at On the "Test Coordinators" page, click the Online Reporting System (ORS) system link.
    Users will log in using the same username and password they use for TIDE. For any questions, users should consult the ORS User Guide, which will be posted on the NMAPA portal in the Resources section.

    If you have any questions, you can contact the AIR New Mexico Help Desk at 1- 800-254-6130 or


    Added December 6, 2017
  • TIDE Open for User Management and Student Pre-ID

    The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) is now open for the NMAPA Fall 2017 Administration. As of August 1, all those with TIDE accounts will be able to log into TIDE to begin adding users and adding or uploading students for Pre-ID labels.
    In Fall 2016, TIDE switched over to a new hierarchal system, containing both district users and school-level users like School Test Coordinators and Test Administrators (TAs). Starting in 2017, all TAs need access to TIDE, regardless of whether or not they plan to take the Fall 2017 TA training. TA accounts can be created by District Test Coordinators or School Test Coordinators.

    If a district did not administer the Spring 2017 NMAPA and therefore did not log into the new TIDE, the District Test Coordinator will need to contact the New Mexico Help Desk in order to receive a password reset to their email to log in to the system and set their new password.

    TA Training and Certification

    The Online Test Administration Training course will be accessible through the NMAPA Portal starting August 28. If a Test Administrator attended the NMAPA training within the last two years, they will not be required to take the training for this administration. The training will help experienced TAs, however, by providing a refresher on how the assessment is delivered.

    NOTE: Test Coordinators must add all their TAs into TIDE in order for them to access this training.
    If you have any questions, you can contact the AIR New Mexico Help Desk at 1-800-254-6130 or

    Added January 11, 2017

Key Documents

  • ORS User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2072/urlt/NM_ORS_UserGuide_Spring-2019.pdf
    Updated June 20, 2019
  • TIDE User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2072/urlt/TIDE_Product_Guide_2019-2020_v3.pdf
    Updated August 22, 2019